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Holscher Products Incorporated Powder Coating (HPC) is Powder Coating Institute (PCI) 3000 and 4000 Certified Level VI and has an ISO 9001:2015 certification. HPC is a full service Metal Stripping, Fabrication, and Powder Coating company.

Holscher Powder Coating has been successfully registered with the Powder Coating Institute 4000 program. Our registration was completed in February of 2012. We maintain a complete Quality Control System. We continue to improve our processes and commitment to quality. Our quality policy is "We commit to meet and exceed our customer's requirements through continuous improvement of our processes. We are dedicated to doing the process right the first time."

An integral part of our Quality Control System is our commitment to quality testing. Holscher Powder Coating performs the following quality tests.

  • Powder Thickness
  • Adhesion Cross Hatch
  • Cure (MEK)
  • Salt-Spray
  • Coating Weight

HPC Mission Statement

HPC is a full service finishing company that will provide a product to our customers so they can achieve the highest quality product possible. Our leadership to our employees conveys a strong and safe working environment. Quality provided to our customers will always be of the highest importance.

HPC Vision Statement

HPC will strive to create a dynamic environment that will combine a strong healthy work ethic, along with a broad spectrum of innovative finishing capabilities, to encourage loyal and extremely satisfied customers.

Our Partners

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